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Dr Antonio Carota

Dr. Antonio Carota is a Swiss and Italian neurologist.

Dr. Carota was chief of residents in Swiss university hospitals as the CHUV Neurology Department (Lausanne) and the HUG Neurological Rehabilitation Department (Geneva).
Spoken languages: French, English and Italian.
Dr. Carota is a member of Swiss Society of Neurology (SSN) Swiss Society of Behavioral Neurology (SSNCO) , Swiss Society of Neurophysiology (SGkN) , Federation of Swiss Physicians (FMH) and Swiss Society of Medicine Vaud (SVMED ).

Over the past 20 years, his clinical and research activity has focused on all aspects of diagnosis and care of stroke (from acute to rehabilitation), Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
This activity led Dr. Carota to publish many articles on international journals (Neurology, Brain Mapping, JNNP) and books (eg Handbook of Neurology). Several of these publications deal with behavioral and cognitive changes in patients with stroke or dementia.

The many academic years helped building a solid experience on the field of for style = “color: # 087bbb;”> clinical neurology as a whole (headache, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, movement disorders and others). Dr. Carota has empathic capabilities that are recognized by patients and their families. Beyond the general neurology, Dr. Carota performs neurobehavioral assessments (for memory and cognition) with the aim of the  diagnosis of early or probable Alzheimer’s disease) and electroencephalographic tests (FMH certificate).

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