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Online consultation

Dr. CAROTA conducts online consultation (via a web-based videoconferencing system) for patients residing in Switzerland (in French, Italian or English).

The goal is to make the best use of digital technology to allow an initial neurological assessment without displacement (useful for patients with reduced mobility, for example), in the canton of VAUD as well as in other Swiss regions or for those who live or are outside of Switzerland.

The consultation (via WEB videoconference) is based on the TARMED tariffs of health insurance. The consultation is billed to the health insurance fund. The first consultation lasts an average of 45-60 minutes. A written report is sent to the patient’s physician and other specialists. Additional consultations (follow-up) lasting 20-30 minutes can be scheduled or online or in the office. The online consultation takes place during the week or Saturday morning.
  • First step: fill out the form below.
  • Second step: our secretary will send you a questionnaire to fill out (as much as possible) about your symptoms and your medical history . The medical assistant will contact you by phone to arrange the appointment.
  • Third step: You will receive a link to a secure folder where you can copy the X-ray CD.
  • Last step: for the WEB video conference connection you will receive a link by email to the virtual conference room.