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Online consultation (outside Switzerland)

Why an online consultation?

The technological innovation has made possible, by Internet, to access an impressive amount of neurological and scientific data.
The purpose of the online consultation online is to ask, in short times, a first or a second opinion to the expert neurologist as a pathology of the central and/or peripheral nervous system. Digital technology makes it possible to share with few clicks the whole medical and radiological documentation. For this reason, it is not necessary to come to Switzerland. Naturally, if you decide to personally come to the medical cabinet you will be the most welcome.

The opinion of different experts is never useless, especially if the clinical case is complex and there are not univocal results as the diagnoses and treatments.  The studies have shown that a second opinion can provide a second diagnosis or a different therapeutic decision in more than the 50% of the cases.
A second opinion can allow the patient to have a deeper knowledge of the illness and its treatment. The question of a second opinion doesn’t mean to discredit the general practitioner or the expert previously consulted. It is also possible that a second evaluation confirm the results of the first one. In this case, the patient will have certainty of the treatments already proposed. You might discuss the possibility of a second neurological opinion with your physician of family or expert. It is a common practice in medicine and neurology.  Although a web consultation could be easier than a consultation in the cabinet, the online consultation will entirely found on the data and the documents that you will produce without a physical examination. Nevertheless, an experienced neurologist will make 8 times out of 10 a correct diagnosis only on the basis of the clinical history. Indeed, it is possible, with focused questions, to investigate all the neurological systems and to locate the lesions. Every part of the central and peripheral nervous system speaks with its own symptoms.

Why choose Dr Carota?
Dr. Carota has been practicing the discipline of neurology for 25 years. He completed his postgraduate course of neurology in Italy, at the Catholic university in Rome, and in Switzerland (FMH), in the university hospitals of Lausanne and Geneva. Dr. Carota has worked more than 10 years in the Swiss university hospitals and he is the author of many publications on international journals of neurology. Dr Carota worked in all the consultations of the different fields of the neurology, in the emergency services and the stroke unit. Independent neurologist since , years, he is constantly confronted to neurological cases of great complexity. He manages in the day hospital immunological treatments and he is one of the moderators of a multisite consultation of neurology-neuroradiology.
Dr Carota has a professional experience of more than 10 years with foreign patients, most in France, Italy, Russia and Arabic Countries. Treated pathologies are headache, epilepsy, movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease), dementia (Alzheimer’s disease et other dementias) and the cognitive symptoms in general, stroke and cerebrovascular disorders, the neuro-oncology, the multiple sclerosis and the other demyelinating disorders, the neuromuscular diseases and the pathologies of sleep.

The online consultation is conducted via WEB videoconference. The first consultation lasts an average of 45-60 minutes. A written report is sent to the patient, and at his request to his doctor or other specialists. The consultation can be in English, Italian or French.
Steps are as displayed on the WEB site to request an appointment.

Paymenf information
The fee of the consultation is of 350 EUR. The fee includes a detailed study of your data (medical and radiological documentation). This consultation is private and paid by credit card or bank transfer. You can discuss with your country’s insurance to request a refund.

  • First step: Fill the form below.
  • Second step: our secretary will send you a survey to fill (as much as possible) regarding your symptoms and medical history. The assistant will contact you by phone to fix the date for the online consultation. You pay the fee of 350 EUR by clicking the button “Add to cart” below (secure payment by PayPal or credit card).
  • Third step: you will receive a link to a secure area where you can upload the radiology CD and other medical examinations.
  • Last step: for the connection to the web videoconference you will receive a link by email to the virtual conference room.

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