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Memory consultation (at home)

The risk of exposure to the coronavirus is high: that is why people at risk (population over 65 years old) must stay at home.

Our center offers the possibility of teleconsultations on different digital platforms or simply by smartphone..

Let’s focus on memory issues

Loss of memory is often the first symptom of Alzheimer’s disease.

After 40, all of us notice some memory problems: we forget the goal of an ongoing activity or the place of objects (keys, cell phone or glasses).However, we can forget one detail, but not the whole thing. It is not normal searching for objects for hours or finding the glasses in the fridge.

A red flag is the repetition of the same questions, especially when they were answered.

The other signals are:
  • difficulty to perform usual tasks  (for example cooking)
  • Word searching or the use of circumlocutions (for example: “the thing for the mouth” instead of toothpaste). Although a word can be missed, this is not usually the case for common objects.
  • Errors for the distances with objects (e.g. things that fall or car accidents in the parkings)
  • Disorientation in time and space is never normal.
    We may be wrong about the date of the day, but not with the month and year. It is not normal to be wrong more than an hour for the present time. Getting lost in stores is an evocative sign.
  • Errors with judgement and calculations . Making decisions becomes difficult because they are influenced by minor details. Mistakes while handling money.
  • Planning a trip, managing your accounts and payments can cause problems..
  • Keeping one-self clean
  • Change of character and mood: the person becomes suspicious (fear of being stolen) or jealous for no reason.
  • Depression or unmotivated anxiety can be the first sign.
  • loss of initiative and interest in the usual activities; the patient is less involved in conversations, he stands alone.

When you see these signs of alarms in a relative who is more than 65 years old, it is time for action, even in case of isolation due to the health crisis.

An accurate diagnosis is never a waste of time.

If you are confined at home because of the coronavirus, we invite you to contact us for a a first online or telephone consultation that could be followed by more specific cognitive tests by teleconference (French, English, Italian)